Tree Logo Friends of the North Castle Public Library, Inc.
Sponsors of the Armonk Outdoor Art Show and the Armonk Players
Recipient of the 2013 ARTSWESTCHESTER Community Award
Board of Directors and Officers

The Friends is a not-for-profit corporation under New York law with a board of directors. Approximately one third of its directors are elected by its board at an annual meeting, usually held in June, and serve for three years. The directors, in turn, elect officers for one year terms. Under the Friends' by-laws, the President's term of office is limited to not more than four consecutive years.

As of June 14, 2017, the officers and directors of the Friends are as follows:

Marilyn Heimerdinger, President
Nori Fromm, Vice President
William Madden, Vice President
Richard Baum, Treasurer
Barbara Vircillo, Assistant Treasurer
Ronald Aaronson, Recording Secretary

David Africk
Adriana Aloia
Hilary Chavkin
Nancy Cornelius
Susan Geffen
Susan Goldstein
Meg Curry Gregg
Marian Hamilton
Debbie Heidecorn
Marcy Kroll
Charity Lunder
Anna Maria Marrone
Rhonda Moll
Judy Moniz
Ann Putalik
Elisa Rube
Miriam Schachter
Lydia Singer
Matt Vaccaro
Stacy Wilder
Ed Woodyard

Executive Committee
Ronald Aaronson
Richard Baum
Nori Fromm
Debbie Heidecorn
Marilyn Heimerdinger
William Madden
Lydia Singer
Barbara Vircillo

Committee Chairpersons
Art Show: David Africk, Marian Hamilton, Debbie Heidecorn, Stacy Wilder
Audit Committee: Richard Baum, Barbara Vircillo
Community Support: Charity Lunder, Ann Putalik, Lydia Singer
Speaker Committee: Hilary Chavkin, Nori Fromm, Debbie Heidecorn, Rhonda Moll

Rhonda Moll

North Castle Free Library Association
Courtney C. Brown1938-42
R. Eugene Curry1942-43
Warren J. Hall1943-45
Luke L. Benz1945-47
Carroll M. Snyder1947-49
Dr. Joseph T. Willits1948-51
John A. Hill1951-53
George E. Grant1953-55
Robert A. Lord1955-57
Robert H. Bethke1957-59
Edward F. O'Brien1959-60
Friends of the North Castle Public Library, Inc.
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Marvin B. Reynolds1970-71
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Anita Helmrich1973-75
Dr. John Stamatov1975-77
Marge Wallin1977-79
Anne Walzer1979-80
Anita Helmrich1980-82
Sidna Rizzo1982-83
Peggy Rao1983-84
Sue Berenson1985-86
Judy Weiner Goodhue1986-88
Barbara Struth1989-90
Norma Hill1990-92
Barbara Wright1992-94
Ilana Adler1994-96
Nancy White McCabe1996-98
Susan Geffen1998-2000
Ed Woodyard2000-02
Steve Geffen2002-04
Michelle Boyle2004-05
Susan Geffen2005-2008
Sean Ryan2008-2012
Debbie Heidecorn2012-2015
Marilyn Heimerdinger2015-